Why Should You Work with a Realtor®

For most people, a home represents the largest financial asset they will ever have. But it is more than dollars. It represents your family, your memories, your goals and your dreams. From the time you start thinking about selling your home, you are presented with numerous choices, decisions and uncertainties:

Is selling my home the right thing to do?
Is now a good time to sell?
Will I get the right price?
Should I remodel the house before selling?
What if my home does not sell?

All of these questions can seem overwhelming. Most of the errors made in the selling of homes relate to the following areas:

  • Incorrect understanding about market conditions and pricing
  • Relying on inappropriate advertising and marketing that does not generate buyers.
  • Incorrect understanding of how the home buying and home selling processes work.

Before you sell your home yourself, why not consider the benefits of a professional real estate team. Most importantly,

Full-service real estate services

Here is a list of the benefits you will receive when you choose a Real Estate Professional to sell your home:

  • Access to the most current market conditions and stats.
  • Placement and payment of effective advertising in the right places and for the best results.
  • Correct pricing of your home, to give you the highest profit.
  • Showing of your home in the most professional, effective and favourable manner.
  • Screening of potential buyers and elimination of bargain shoppers.
  • Effective negotiation.
  • Availability. Most Real Estate Professionals are always on call, answering the phone at all hour, and being available at all times to show your home.
  • Objective representation for offers and counter-offers.
  • A professional team that listens to your needs, respects your opinions and allows you to make decisions.
  • A professional team that understands the real estate industry, from both the buyer and seller perspective.
  • A professional team that protects your rights.
  • Full-time staff that handles the numerous details involved in the sale of your home.
  • Resources to complete your transaction, from lawyers, inspectors, renovators, engineers to mortgage and insurance brokers.
  • Access to a network of real estate marketing resources to place your home before the most qualified buyers.
  • A professional team that adheres to a professional code of conduct, established by local and national real estate associations.
  • Expert advice on making improvements that will increase the profit you will receive on your home.