Our marketing program has been successful selling a variety of styles of homes over an extended period of time. While the same basic rules and structure apply, we ensure to specifically customize each program for each house.

Proper Marketing and Exposure of your Home

Your home might show beautifully but if people do not come to see it then you will not get your desired price. The more people you have in your home increases the chances of your home selling for its maximum price. We ensure that your home is fully exposed to the public and co-operating brokerages using the following techniques:

  • To ensure that your home is ready for the market we set up a FREE consultation with our interior designer.
  • Once your home is picture ready we have a professional photographer come and take pictures of the entire property both inside and out. The pictures are showcased on MLS as well as on our websites.
  • In addition to being listed with MLS, your home is featured on our company and personal websites,,
  • Your home is given two individual websites both equipped with extensive photo galleries and virtual tours.
    • The first website is a branded website with virtual tours, 360 degree panoramic tours, a mortgage calculator, Google Maps, Specific area information and our contact information.
    • The second website is essentially a photo gallery combined with a virtual tour as this website is regulated by the Toronto Real Estate Board.
  • Once your property is listed for sale we send “JUST LISTED” Flyers within a designated area of your home to alert neighbors that your property has become available as well as to advertise upcoming Open Houses for the property.
  • The day your home comes to market we send out an email to every practicing Realtor within the surrounding area of your home.
  • We produce two comprehensive feature sheets given to every individual who comes into your property.  The feature sheets are also available in a PDF format so they can be emailed to interested parties.
    • The first feature sheet is a full color 4 page brochure complete with interior and exterior photos as well as a customized write up to showcase the highlights of your home.
    • The second feature sheet is a more in depth package which includes measurements and highlights for each individual room, an area map, school info and the properties features.
    • The feature sheets also include custom floor plans of your home done by a professional from Planit MeasuringWe Do Not charge more if we have to produce additional feature sheets throughout the course of the listing. We ensure that the property is always fully stocked with both feature sheets.
  • We are integrated with different social media websites including Facebook and Linked In.
    • As soon your property comes to market, or perhaps a day or two before, we post a link to the properties website and virtual tour on our Facebook and Linked In pages. The Facebook posting alone exposes your property to thousands of people who may be looking, or know someone who is looking, to purchase your property.
  • Our For Sale sign is equipped with an information box that allows the general public to easily view the highlights your home.
    • In addition to the information box we are one of few brokerages to offer a mobile text messaging feature. Using this feature allows an interested person to text a given number and instantly be provided with interior photos and information on your property.

The For Sale sign is also equipped with a website rider so interested individuals can easily view the interior highlights of your home online.

  • We host OPEN HOUSES everyday for the first week that your property is listed for sale.
    • The first open house is an agent open house which usually runs for 1.5 hours on a weekday.
    • The agent open house is followed by public open houses, running from 2pm to 4pm on weekdays and 1pm to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Weekend Open Houses are advertised alternating weeks in the Toronto Star or The Globe and Mail. Open House signs are put up in the area to direct the public to your house. Every person coming through will be shown the property by us ensuring that each visitor is looked after. We also take this time to point out property highlights as well as answer any questions.
    • All of our open houses are hosted by at least one of us, not a representative from our company.
    • We will continue to run weekend open houses until your property is sold.
    • We are constantly doing follow up with both agents and the general public, those who visited the open house, to retain as much feedback as possible.
  • Our office is one of an elite few in the city of Toronto to have a digital box located outside our front door. This digital box will feature your listing and provide pictures of your property along with general information and open house dates and times.
  • Every appointment that is booked into your property is tracked and recorded.
    • We send an automated email to each agent who shows the property asking for their feedback.
    • In addition to the email we personally call each agent to gather as much information keeping you updated on what buyers and agents think of your home.
    • We ensure that you are always aware of who is going to see your property by emailing you a confirmation of every appointment as they are booked
  • Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, we Do Not penalize other agents by charging them any marketing fees.All of the marketing we do on our properties is at our expense
    • Co-operating Real Estate Agents will actually push their buyers away from houses where they are not offered their full 2.5%. In the past we have seen countless properties sit on the market for extended periods of time due to the listing Brokerage asking for a fee to cover part, if or even all, of their advertising costs.

    Success of Following our Program

    • Following this formula has generated sales upwards of 135% of the asking price.
    • The average sale price of our properties is 107% of the asking price.
    • The average time on the market for our listings is 7 days.

We ensure that we market your property to every potential buyer using every potential avenue. The result is simple. You receive a higher selling price for your home in less time on the market.